Our gelato/pastry shop is located in Orvieto, in the historic center, near the entrance to the Torre del Moro. As in our products you will find quality and tradition, even in our city you will experience these sensations.


Orvieto is a city rich in history and tradition that blend in the beauty of its monuments and streets.

Here the quality of ingenuity and human flair can be found in the elegant and majestic lines of the façade of the Duomo, in the architectural genius of the climb into the Pozzo di San Patrizio and again, going back in time, in the refined workmanship left by the Etruscans.

Every small part of the city, every corner of one of its four quarters conveys the charm of time and tradition.

Tradition that you will find in craftsmanship and above all in the kitchen where the famous wine of Orvieto will be able to perfectly accompany every dish... And after a good meal, to remain in the taste of tradition, what could be better than enjoying a dessert or a gelato from us ?

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